Relaxation: Flowing and rhythmic massage with pressure customized to your preference. Tension is eased, circulation is enhanced and nerves are calmed.
30 min: $35; 45 mins: $45; 60 mins: $55; 75 mins: $65; 90 mins: $80
Hot Stone: Smooth, rounded stones are heated in warm-hot water and applied to muscles as they are massaged. Very soothing and deeply relaxing.
60 mins: $65; 75 mins: $75
Deep Tissue: Deeper pressure can sometimes feel better when muscle tension is chronic or tightness is too great for relaxation massage.
30 min: $35; 45 mins: $45; 60 mins: $55; 75 mins: $65; 90 mins: $80
Pregnancy: Gentle massage reduces discomfort during pregnancy and promotes relaxation. Specialized massage table adapts to allow lying face down with sling support for abdomen.
45 mins: $45; 60 mins: $55
Scalp: Massage to neck, shoulders and head. The treatment of choice for headaches and neck pain and a great tension reliever.
30 min: $35
Warm Oil Scalp Treatment: A relaxing massage is given to neck and shoulders. Then warm oil with customized essential oil – suitable to needs and preference – is poured onto forehead and into hair. Scalp is then massaged for deep relaxation.
45 mins: $50
Foot Treatment:  Sea-salt soak, exfoliation, massage and wrap, followed by hydrating lotion.
60 mins: $60
Children’s Massage:  Sea-salt soak, exfoliation, massage and wrap, followed by hydrating lotion.


Anti-Aging: Using Canadian Pacific Ocean organic seaweed, high in beta-carotene, this facial purifies, lifts, and firms the skin, promotes lymphatic drainage and skin cell regeneration.
75 mins: $75
Vitamin C: This facial uses Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, to brighten, reawaken and add radiance to the complexion while reducing the effects of sun damage.
75 mins: $85
Custom: Following skin analysis, custom products are selected to restore and re-balance skin health.
60 mins: $60
Ultra Calming: This facial is designed for those with cuperose, rosacea, sensitive or reactive skin types. It reduces redness while calming and soothing the skin.
60 mins: $70
Facial Resurfacing Peel: Glycolic acid provides deep exfoliation to reduce fine lines and to stimulate collagen synthesis for cell removal.  Series of 5 to 8 treatments of 45 minutes each.
45 mins: $45 ea
Men’s: With deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions (if necessary), this facial relieves irritation while hydrating and oxygenating the skin.
60 mins: $60
Back: Exfoliation, cleansing, extractions (as necessary) and treatment masque.
60 mins: $60

Body Treatments 

Oil-Free Seaweed or Sea Kelp Exfoliation: A seaweed exfoliation sloughs off dried and worn skin cells while stimulating increased circulation. A rehydrating lotion makes your skin noticeably soft and smooth.
45 mins: $50
Coconut Body Scrub: Coconut, sugar and shea butter make this scrub hydrating and sweetly fragrant.
45 mins: $50
Alaria Seaweed Body Wrap: Following a vigorous seaweed exfoliation, you are enveloped in a rich seaweed masque before being wrapped in sheets and blankets. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage as you drift off into you own private reverie.
75 mins: $85
Pumpkin Body Wrap: Exfoliation is followed with a pumpkin masque which is high in carotene and flavonoids, valued for their anti-inflammatory properties. Following the wrap, a rich moisturizing body lotion is applied to the skin.
75 mins: $85
Fragrant Oil Wrap: An application of fragrant and nourishing body oil follows a sea-salt honey-lavender skin exfoliation. Within the wrap your body absorbs the oils while you are treated to a relaxing massage.
75 mins: $85


Depilation (removal of hair) for legs, arms, underarms, bikini, and back.
Underarm – 30 min: $18; Half-Arm – 30 mins: $25; Full-Arm – 45 mins: $35; Bikini – 30 mins: $18; Lower-Leg – 30 mins: $25; Upper-Leg – 30 mins: $30; Full-Leg – 60 mins: $50; Back – 45 mins: $30+